IM+ on Blockchain

Rewarding Attention & Influence

New IM+ will reward user attention with crypto - based on user’s social influence.

Status Quo

The Google and Facebook duopoly controls the mobile attention economy. They are involved in various scandals including Cambridge Analytica. They want to keep the status quo. Do you want it?



Watch, read, share content

and earn with new IM+



We want to change the status quo together and let you earn desirable crypto currencies for things you already do.

IM+ Wallet

A secure built-in mobile wallet for dApps. Store all your tokens in one place!

IM+ Marketplace

Spend your earned rewards at the IM+ marketplace with connected partners.

IM+ Publishers

Advertise on a complete overview of the user, not just from one point of view.

Key Team & Partners

The IM+ team consists of pioneers in the messaging and blockchain spaces

Igor Berezovsky

Igor invented the first mobile messenger in 2001. His ideas resulted in over 100 million IM+ downloads. Igor is a visionary of the attention economy and its intersection with mobile and blockchain.

Lucas Roorda

Lucas advised and implemented blockchain technology at the Dutch government and various global organizations such as KLM.

Garth Holsinger

Garth built business at Klout (acquired for $200MM), and other successful startups. Garth is specialized in global business development, and sales to Fortune 500 companies.

Klaus Lovgreen

After AME Info, the media company Klaus founded, was acquired in 2008, Klaus focused on mobile, and crypto. Klaus invested in many successful startups and supports Kiva.

Andrey Belyakov

Andrey is a member of the CFA Institute, a fund manager with 10 years experience with €20 billion AUM portfolios, a blockchain pioneer and entrepreneur.

Arjan van der Kooij

Arjan has over 20 years of successful experience in tech. Having seen the rapid developments in technology, he knows what is required to stay ahead of competition.

Dennis Bolgov

Dennis manages a ML / AI senior developer team out of Boston.

Temirlan Mardan

Temirlan is a cryptography and cybersecurity expert.

Artashes Tonoyan

Artashes is a senior Android developer, with a a 360° view of technologies on the edge of mobile and blockchain, along with the ability to manage agile, and insanely effective teams.


Ever since IM+ launched in 2002 on the first smartphones, it evolved to become the leading all-in-one instant messaging app. Throughout the years IM+ went through product evolution, accumulating many achievements.

First version
of IM+ released

One of the first “apps” on
Nokia communicator


Launch of BlackBerry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Java Phone versions

IM+ wins international awards

2003 - 2006

IM+ for iPhone released


Shape acquires Boston based Warelex for $2.4M

IM+ becomes top iPhone app in the US and worldwide

2008 - 2009

Airtel sells 1.4M Daily IM+ licenses

Thai carrier AIS co-brands IM+. IM+ adds Beep (WhatsApp like chat in IM+), and Neighbors local chat

2010 - 2011

Finam Global invests $2.5M into Shape. Over 50M messages are sent daily on IM+

STC carrier co-brands IM+ for Middle East

2012 - 2013

Secure Messenger released, based on IM+ know how

2014 - 2015

IM+ Mac launch &
IM+ Windows launch

IM+ Mac launches on Setapp

2016 - 2018

Token Generation Event
IM+ Platform release


Press about us

100 million downloads don’t happen by accident. The press frequently featured IM+ milestones. Read what reviewers recently wrote about IM+.

The interface might take a little getting used to, but if you’re looking for a solution to save space on your phone, IM+ could be the app for you.

IM+ for Mac brings you every popular messenger under the sun in one beautiful interface. Use Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, LinkedIn, Telegram, and more in one app and effortlessly handle the mayhem of direct messaging.

For people with accounts on every service, IM+ may be the solution. This app allows you to send and receive instant messages from a wide variety of services.

Download IM+

The current version of IM+ is available on iPhone, Android, and Mac. A reingeneered blockchain version is in development.

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